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Structural Waterproofing

Plura R TNT Bituminous Membrane
Pluvitec Plura R TNT Structural Waterproofing Membrane is a high performance bituminous based  material providing a quality assured solution to all applications
Suitable for sheet membrane installation
This product is available in 3mm and 4mm thickness and as a Thermo Adhesive option
The material is both durable and versatile as well as self protecting in most circumstances due to its TNT woven fibre glass  finish
It will tolerate light foot traffic and follow up construction operations.
Plura R TNT is simple to install, reliable in use and carries an insurance backed warranty

Basement Waterproofing
Plura R TNT is an excellent product for external or sandwich type basement waterproofing installations.
The product is installed using the torch on method to a primed substrate, ensuring adequate head and side laps. Mechanical fixing with termination bars may be required at vertical surfaces over 2.5 m in height
Depending upon the warranty period required, one or two layers of product are fitted, creating a tough, thick waterproof layer
External applications are usually completed with  a Fondplast drainage sheet linked to a land drain  to reduce hydrostatic pressure and provide protection to the membrane against damage during back filling operations
Podium Deck Waterproofing
Plura R TNT 4mm is an ideal product for this application, its robust construction, simple application and detailing make it especially appealing to Main Contractors and Developers who need a once only fit and forget type application that they can rely upon
Approved by the NHBC as a suitable membrane for this type of installation and certified to the CE standard,  Plura R TNT is ideal for many modern construction applications and is backed by our fully insured 20 year warranty for further reassurance
Typically a two layer installation is used with butt jointed side laps to achieve a flat upper surface to receive surface treatments ranging from paving on supports to decorative decking, and planters
The system can be installed on a deck with little or no fall and will resist ponding
The Fondplast drainage sheet is used to provide drainage and protection
When installed by one of our specialist contractors, this system represents unbeatable quality and value

Bridge Decks and Car Parks

Viaducts Thermo Adhesive provides a simple and cost effective solution to projects where a tarmac or asphalt surface is required
Install by priming the surface and rolling out the membrane to achieve alignment seal the laps and joints and apply the finish
The productís Thermo adhesive qualities and the heat generated by the application of the tarmac or asphalt will create a tough, fully bonded system
For parking decks where paving or screed finish is preferred, Viaducts Thermo Adhesive used with Maxitec Vapour Barrier(if required) and Maxitec Anti Root membrane can be used to create a fully integrated system

Foundations and Slabs
All of the products listed under basements are applicable to slab and foundation works
The full benefits of the Thermo Adhesive range can be gained by laying a Plura Thermo adhesive membrane below the slab and in these circumstances the heat generated by the curing concrete will activate the bond, creating a fully bonded external membrane

A system using Primertec , Supertec P and Ipertec 30 P incorporating a separation layer are ideal where no insulation is required
For Terraces requiring insulation, use Maxitec Vapour Barrier or Plura Thermo AD Vapour Barrier for fast installation and the ability to use insulation without risk of flame damage to the board