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Polymer Bitumen

The term polymer-bitumen membrane is applied to a construction material for the waterproofing of roofing.  Bitumen can be used in combination with atactic propylene (a by-product of isotactic polypropylene production).
Polymer-bitumen membrane is notable for its combination with new types of reinforcement, like glass-fibre and polyester "non-woven fabric:’.
Polymer-bitumen membrane is a composite material which combines two components in synergy:
- Bituminous compound, based on distilled bitumen modified with polymers (mix).
- The support, composed of synthetic and mineral fibres (reinforcement).
These two component parts are integrated to enhance their individual properties.  The bituminous mix ensures waterproofing and resistance to wear, while the reinforcement gives good mechanical properties and distributes loads.
 The main ingredients in the mix are bitumen and polymers, added to improve the physical, mechanical and thermal properties, which are rather limited for distilled bitumen.
Polymers utilised

Thermoplastic elastomer.

Gives the following qualities to bitumen:
- excellent low temperature working properties;
- improved mechanical properties;
- improved elasticity.

APP/APAQ and Alpha-polyolefines
Atactic polypropylene obtained from the polymerisation of propylene and olefines.

These are perfectly compatible with bitumen, to which they give:
- greater dimensional stability;
- greater resistance to UV radiation;
- greater resistance to heat;
- greater resistance to foot traffic.


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