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SWS Quantum Roof System 25

COLD ROOF BUILD UP  Quantum  Roof  Systems

All systems have a basic Venting Layer compatible with APP and SBS membranes
Allows vapour to travel freely below the waterproofing Avoids pressure build up areas
Specific materials are provided with the venting according to guarantee required

Quantum System 25 - Torch Applied with Mineral Cap Sheet

Ipertec Forato 745g                 Venting Layer
Tech 5000 G200 3.0mm          Intermediate Layer
Tech 5000 PA5.0 mm              Cap Sheet
Quantum Detailing Felt


Ipertec Forato 745g
30m x1m Glass Fibre 23KG Venting
Tech 5000 G200 3.0mm 12m x1m Woven Glass 40Kg Intermediate
Tech 5000 PA5.0 mm 7.5m x 1m Polyester 43Kg Top Layer
Quantum Detailing Felt 8m x 1m Polyester 40Kg Mineral

Exclusive to the Specification Market only
Quality Controlled Systems with CE logo to approval
Installed by Quantum Approved Contractors for complete satisfaction