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HDPE dimpled sheet membrane for the protection of foundation waterproofing

NHBC Approved and Approved by Barratt Homes

A dimpled faced membrane for application on Foundation Walls to protect the waterproofing layer during the stage of back filling as well as during any settlement of the building itself

Fondplast is a High Density Polyethylene Extruded (HDPE) sheet which can be applied as a vertical protection against rising damp

A Green Environment
Fondplast remains stable over time, will not contaminate water and does not release any polluting substances

Product Changes and Additions to Stock Range

10Year System

Unitec V2.0mm is now a 16m x 1m Roll Size

15 Year System

Tech 500 PA5.0Kg now available in Natural, Black and Brown

Tech 500 PA4.5Kg now available

20Year System

Tech 1000 PA5.0Kg now available in Natural Black and Brown





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