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Plura Thermo AD

The Membranes of the Future - Available Now!

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Since the late 1960’s the Bituminous felt Manufacturers have been looking for ways to improve both the quality and durability of roofing membranes in order to meet market demand and to overcome the technical problems once associated with ‘roofing felt’

With the advent of the plastics industry and developments in polymer modification it was possible to provide a range of polymer modified products, starting with APP modification to improve durability and UV protection and moving on to SBS modification to improve adhesive qualities and low temperature flexibility

Both APP and SBS modified products have been around for some years but not satisfied with these developments alone, the systems engineers at Pluvitec have now developed a membrane that combines both APP and SBS in one product- the Plura range of High Performance Membranes.

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Taking a highly engineered Plura membrane as its base, the Pluvitec Engineers developed a special low melt point adhesive for the Thermo Adhesive range.

This adhesive is coupled with the high heat transmission properties of the Plura membrane to create a new system that has a fundamentally different method of installation and provides the following benefits:

Significantly reduced installation time leads to reduced costs and shorter programme.

No flame contact with either the substrate or the insulation, resulting in significant reductions in the risk of secondary ignition during the course of the works.

Can be installed with a Hot Air Gun in place of the traditional gas torch in areas of high sensitivity or risk.

Enables the use of heat sensitive insulation, providing a potentially significant saving in costs.

Method of Application

Prime Substrate.

Loose lay Thermo Adhesive vapour barrier in position.

Remove backing film to allow the adhesive to contact the substrate.

Heat the top surface of the vapour barrier to activate the adhesive compound,
Bed the insulation panels on the activated adhesive.

Loose lay the Plura Thermo Adhesive underlay and remove backing film

Apply the cap sheet using the normal torch applied method, this process will activate the adhesive in the underlay and create the bond

This method allows for the installation of a full built up warm roof system with only 2 heating operations.