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Green Roofing

SWS Green Roofing

Green roofing is the fastest growing market in the UK in terms of flat roof waterproofing. The combination of client and social benefits offered by green roofing are un beatable and when the planning benefits are factored in the package becomes very attractive to both the building owner and the occupants
There are two basic  types of green roofing, the most common is the sedum mat or grass roof, ( termed extensive roofing) this type of application is used in industrial applications and in areas where no access to the roof is required
The second type of Green Roofing is the ‘roof garden’  or intensive roof.  This is a flat roof overlaid with a suitable Growing Medium and planted with a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs, usually incorporating paving and benches, water features and any landscape requirements this type of green roof provides all of the benefits of a garden area with no increase in the footprint of the building
The intended use  should be considered  in the early stages of the design process and our Technical Department is always available to discuss  all of your design requirements

Considering  your Design
There are many design implications surrounding the choice and specification off green roofing, including structural loading, access arrangements, safety considerations and environmental impact
A light weight  flat turf roof (extensive) does not require substantial reinforcement
The intensive roof is normally installed over concrete roof decking  as it must support the turf, plants , rain water and even snow with out losing any integrity
The foundations  must also be tested and probably upgraded to enable proper support of new roof